What does easyap do?

easyap is a specialist in invoice processing with third parties.  For over a decade it has offered services orientated to improving invoice processes.  Through internally developed tools, easyap helps its clients achieve substantial improvements in invoice receipt and issuing processes. 

What is the differentiator for the easyapIP platform?

  • - More than 12 years experience
  • - Specialization, company made up of financial profiles, we know the problems and casuistry of the financial area.
  • - Cost savings
  • - Improved processes
  • - Visibility
  • - No physical frontiers
  • - Freeing up of resources

How does easyap sell these services?


By being a dynamic solution, easyap has the capacity to adapt itself to the needs of each client at any time; on the basis of these needs a variable price for each document processed on the platform is established.  There are no licenses for a given number of user or maintenance.  Easyap only charges for use given to the tools and for the task that we may carry out as participant in the process (externalization of tasks) if the client wishes.


Does easyap sell software?

No. easyap is a service company.  easyap puts at its clients disposal tools to improve Accounts Payable and Electronic Invoicing processes. In addition to this, to a greater or lesser extent (depending on the scope of the service contracted), support in the administrative-accounting tasks.  , 

 For example, easyap can take charge of scanning, OCR, invoice document management.  easyap can also take responsibility for coding and confirming invoices.  In no case does easyap carryout invoice approval tasks.

What experience does easyap have?

easyap is a pioneering company providing managed services for accounts payable and electronic invoice issuing.  For more than a decade, easyap has been working with companies from all sectors and of all sizes, making their invoice processes more efficient.  Over the years easyap's clients have achieved substantive improvements and sustained savings in that time, meaning that the co-operation has lasted over time.  

Is easyapIP compatible with any accounting system or ERP?

EasyapIP is an external application capable of interconnecting and communicating with any ERP system, being able to feed and feedback not only different accounting systems but also operational systems.  Being a platform that adapts to file format necessary to receive input, but also to send the output.  easyap works with the most known (SAP, peoplesoft, navision, jdedwards, contaplus...) and others developed internally in each company. 

Is easyap only an invoice processing platform?


It is a modular platform 


  • - Electronic invoicing module  (issuing and receipt)
  • - Employee expenditure module
  • - Invoice processing (workflow) 

In which countries are easyap services available?

Currently, easyap is operating in Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, and in North and South America.  In each country it has been adapted to the corresponding legislation and homologation of appropriate protocols has been carried out.

Is easyapIP compatible all accounting systems or ERPs?

EasyapIP is an external application capable of interconnecting and communicating with any ERP system, ale to feed itself and feedback into, not only different accounting systems but also operational. It is the platform that adapts to file format necessary to receive input as well the format necessary for output.  Easyap works with the most known (SAP, peoeplesoft, navision, jdedwards, contaplus...) and with others internal developments in each company.

To which sectors is it aimed at?


As it is a solution for the financial area of the company, any and all companies can benefit from this solution.


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