Calculadora de Costes de Tramitación de Facturas de Proveedores

easyap presents its Supplier Invoice Processing Cost Calculator

The tool helps Financial Directors and Accounts Payable Professionals to obtain one of the most decisive KPIs for the successful management of operations in the Accounts Payable Department.​

Accounts Payable Indicators

3 essential indicators in Accounts Payable Management

A recent "Metric of the Month" from shows us the damage that late payments can cause in the relationship between buyer and seller.  

¿Por qué no Externalizar Cuentas por Pagar?

Todos conocemos la respuesta a la pregunta: ¿Qué es  potencialmente externalizable? Aquellos procesos y tareas que no aportan valor a la empresa o que no están alineados con el objetivo de negocio principal de la Compañía son susceptibles de ser delegados en terceros.

contable atado de manos

The responsibility of Accounts Payable in the solving of exceptions

Accounts Payable is the area in charge of the administrative-accounting process of provider invoices.  This process includes the carrying out of the following tasks: document management, configuration, coding and resolution of incidents.  It is generally accepted that the tasks of approval and payment, even though part of the processing circuit, are not carried out by AP. 
build up of invoices

Why use a Workflow tool in Accounts Payable?

The accounts payable is a process, which in the majority of companies, is eminently manual and consumes an elevated number of resources, it is estimated that an AP employee process an average of only 10,000 invoices per year. 

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