SII what is next

I am already reporting VAT via SII ... now what?

Now that we have implemented the Immediate Information Supply (SII) process, we have seen that many shortcomings have arisen in the process of both AP and AR.

accounta payable reports

The key report for discovering the situation of the Accounts Payable

The processing of provider invoices is an arduous and thankless task.  The Accounts Payable area is in charge of registering in the accounts the expenses and payments, along with all the incidents included.  In many organizations Accounts Payable is perceived as a necessary evil and this process is abandoned to give attention to other more "important"areas.

contable atado de manos

The responsibility of Accounts Payable in the solving of exceptions

Accounts Payable is the area in charge of the administrative-accounting process of provider invoices.  This process includes the carrying out of the following tasks: document management, configuration, coding and resolution of incidents.  It is generally accepted that the tasks of approval and payment, even though part of the processing circuit, are not carried out by AP. 

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