Calculadora de Costes de Tramitación de Facturas de Proveedores

easyap presents its Supplier Invoice Processing Cost Calculator

The tool helps Financial Directors and Accounts Payable Professionals to obtain one of the most decisive KPIs for the successful management of operations in the Accounts Payable Department.​

Why paying as late as possible can be reckless.

Waiting to pay a bill as late as possible may be a very short-term strategy, but it can be significantly penalizing.

Getting the most out of the Accounts Payable Department (part II)

This article is the second in a series of three, titled "Getting the most out of the Accounts Payable Department", dealing with basic concepts that affect the productivity of Accounts Payable departments. In the first article in the series we talked about the cost of the process of Accounts Payable, in this second we deal with the improvements derived from automation and error rates, and the third will discuss fraud and duplicate payments, financial Controls and provider satisfaction. 

hereditary AP process

A change of ERP is not incompatible with a continuous improvement in AP

On average, companies change their ERP every 8 years.  One of the tasks that takes most time is the analysis of the purchasing process and provider invoices or accounts payable (AP) for its adaptation to the new system.  The simple process of registering invoices take on average 18% of the implementation time. Much time is dedicated to adapt the new system a manual and imperfect process, repeated for many years due to the requirement "We register invoices this way."  In short, new names for transactions and more attractive interfaces but the same old processes.

reports accounts payable

The key report for discovering the situation of the Accounts Payable

The processing of provider invoices is an arduous and thankless task.  The Accounts Payable area is in charge of registering in the accounts the expenses and payments, along with all the incidents included.  In many organizations Accounts Payable is perceived as a necessary evil and this process is abandoned to give attention to other more "important"areas.

contable atado de manos

The responsibility of Accounts Payable in the solving of exceptions

Accounts Payable is the area in charge of the administrative-accounting process of provider invoices.  This process includes the carrying out of the following tasks: document management, configuration, coding and resolution of incidents.  It is generally accepted that the tasks of approval and payment, even though part of the processing circuit, are not carried out by AP. 
incident classification

Invoices with incidents: Types

The area of Accounts Payable is in charge of the processing of invoices from third parties. The final goal is the accounting of the invoices, but a significant percentage, to be able to reach this point requires a number of steps to have been previously taken.

The processing of an invoice without incidents, even though it may use up resources, can be quite simple.  But everything becomes more complicated if the invoice has some type of problem.

How to implement an invoice workflow solution

6 Key points in the implementation of an invoice workflow solution

Once a company realizes the need for the Accounts Payable department to become more efficient through the use of a good invoice workflow tool, it is important that the implementation process of said solution is carried out following a route plan that allows for an easy and agile adaptation, without obstacles and which minimizes the impact on employees.

esquema workflow facturas

Different Facets of an automation process in Accounts Payable

Often, there are companies that become interested in the automation of accounts payable, and even decide to implement it, without having a clear vision or sense of how their AP process is going to be from that moment on, nor how it will affect their employees.


At the same time, there are AP managers and professionals who do not even consider taking this step for their company because they have a complex image in mind, and do not see the consequences that this change can bring to process that are functioning, more or less, well.

build up of invoices

Why use a Workflow tool in Accounts Payable?

The accounts payable is a process, which in the majority of companies, is eminently manual and consumes an elevated number of resources, it is estimated that an AP employee process an average of only 10,000 invoices per year. 


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