SILICIE - Immediate Disclosure of Excise Duties Account Books

A new system called SILICIE (Immediate Disclosure of Excise Duties Account Books) has been defined by Royal Decree 1512/2018 of December 28, which will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

SII what is next

I am already reporting VAT via SII ... now what?

Now that we have implemented the Immediate Information Supply (SII) process, we have seen that many shortcomings have arisen in the process of both AP and AR.


"My ERP solves the problem of Immediate Information Supply"

The entry into force of the Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII) next July 1st is provoking differing reactions in the Spanish business community affected by the new regulations. While there are companies that have already taken action and are already testing the transmission of records with the AEAT, there are others who have taken a more relaxed attitude because they trust the solution their ERP provider will put in place.


The SII-Immediate Provision of Information is also an opportunity to improve - "And now what ..."

As we mentioned in our previous article on the Immediate Provision of VAT Information (SII), from last December 2, 2016, the SII has an already established date of entry into force: July 1, 2017.​

Immediate Vat Infromation System

The VAT Immediate Information Supply (SII) should not worry us but we should take care

As part of the anti-fraud package, on December 2, 2016, the law for the modernization, improvement and promotion of the use of electronic means in the management of Value Added Tax was approved. Better known as Immediate supply of information or (SII). This Law has been endorsed in Royal Decree 596/2016.​

IIS documentation to dowload

Download Documentation Kit IIS (SII)

Informative Webinar IIS (SII) Documentation Kit IIS (SII)   IIS (SII) TEST FILES
SII Suministro Inmediato de Información (Fuente AEAT)

easyap launches its Immediate Information Supply (SII) service

On January 6th 2016 easyap launched its Immediate Information Supply (SII) service connecting to the Spanish Tax office (AEAT) electronic portal.

The easyap solution is compatible with any ERP or Accounting system which the client currently has, and, among others, has the following advantages:

-  As the task is externalized, internal resources are optimized. 

-  Solution independent of the client's System map.

​- Independence from regulatory changes

​- Variable cost per invoice

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