Accounts payable process

Optimize Accounts Payable regardless of the ERP life cycle

Digital Transformation should no longer be an option for 21st century companies, it should be a reality. However, the transformation is not only achieved with just the best technology, but it also requires a change that promotes a new way of doing things.

Those processes that are not aligned with the core business objective of the Company and tasks that do not add value should be delegated to specialized third parties.

accounts payable outsourcing services

Accounts payable outsourcing services: How much should it cost me to process a Supplier Invoice?

Processing supplier invoices, from receipt to posting and availability for payment, is undoubtedly the process in which more costs are incurred in the financial area. In particular, due to the high exposure to manual labor of the associated activities. But can costs really reduce by Accounts Payable outsourcing services? A survey carried out by easyap of financial professionals in Spain found that the cost of processing a supplier invoice is, on average, € 5.7, although there are companies that reach € 15 and € 17 for a single paper invoice, fax or email.

Accounts Payable Department

Getting the most out of the Accounts Payable Department (part III)

This article is the third in a series of three, under the title "Getting the most out of the Accounts Payable Department", deals with the basic concepts that influence the productivity of Accounts Payable departments:

KPI for Accounts Payable

3 essential KPIs for Accounts Payable Management

A recent "Metric of the Month" from shows us the damage that late payments can cause in the relationship between buyer and seller.  

accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing:The 4 best ways that CFOs maximize ROI with outsourcing AP

The 4 best ways that CFOs maximize ROI with accounting outsourcing 

If you ask finance executives their opinion of AP (Accounts Payables, Supplier Accounting), chances are we all give a similar response: AP is the cost of doing business.

invoice problems

Invoice problems: The problems of long invoices

The Accounts Payable department receives invoices in all forms and formats imaginable. In this entry we will analyse the multi-page invoices which require an individualized and detailed treatment of the information contained. 

accounts payable process

4 steps towards simplicity in the Accounts Payable process

When a company starts to grow and increase its amount of business, it pays special attention to its production and customer service departments to meet this increase in demand.  However, often not enough attention is paid to the evolution that the company's AP department experiences during the accounts payable process, limiting the strategy to increasing the number of employees in this department.  

providersn experience

How do you improve the providers´ experience?

It is one of most hidden secrets, especially in the range of luxury hospitality products.  One of the essential ingredients necessary to reach excellency and to fix prices with more liberty, is the provider list.   

The provider experience have a fundamental importance, and can be a key piece that contributes to the successor failure of a company.

entrepreneurs use electronic invoicing

The role of entrepreneurs in the new AP model

In the transforming phenomenon that the European business sector is currently experiencing, with the disappearance of some large and medium sized companies and the appearance of a multitude of new small companies (many of them sole trader), the provider profile is also changing, especially in the case of the services sector.

vendor master record

The importance of the vendor master record

It is normal in projects to improve the Accounts Payable process to review the quality of the information contained in the Vendor master record.


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