Manage corporate travel: 5 Challenges in the control of Travel Expenses

Business trips are increasing, and thus spending also. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) expects an increase of up to 8.6% in overall spending on business trips this year. Macrotrends, such as the (slow) improvement in business confidence and the global economic environment in which we live, are contributing to the rise. Another key factor is the growth of mobile work. Nowadays, the manage of corporate travel has become a priority in companies. 

Optimizing the management of employee expenses

3 tips to optimize Employee Expenses

With the winds of economic recovery that are blowing in the sails of companies, business trips and other business initiatives directed towards looking after and growing the client list are restarting, establishing new collaborations with foreign partners or simply activating business units that had lost operability during the crisis.

Gastos de viaje de empleado

The strategic role of Employee Travel Expenses in companies

At the moment, many medium and large companies have passed through a serious process of adjustments to survive the crisis.  In general, reductions in the workforce babe been prevalent, but there is still a great potential for savings in a good transformation in the functions of purchasing and expense control in the company.

byod policy mobile technology

BYOD Policy: Mobile technology on employee expense processing

Many companies have had to and have to continually fight to get their employees to adequately register their company expenses.  The department of Accounts Payable must execute a Herculean task when it comes to dealing with annual or periodical reports that are passed to them by employees and try to balance them with the data that they have from company credit cards, the general company expense policy, and reflect this all in the company accounts.

Automation of Employee Expenses

Key points in the Automation of Employee Expenses

The task of managing employee expenses in companies can be complex and quite  arbitrary depending on the person who coordinates the process.  For the employees it is normally annoying and, quite often, they put off the creation of the expense notes, or don't adequately reflect the expenses.  There can also be receipts missing or the receipts do not add up to the amount declared. .

employee expenses management

Alarme Signs in Employee expenses management

In some companies, the Employee Expenses management are difficult, quite often, do adequately comply with the rules set down to keep the company policy.

As often happens, there is one employee, who making use of lack of control that may exist, abuses.

Alarme Signs in Employee expenses management

There are several alarm signals that can help us identify the employee who is going too far:

A solution for Employee Expenditure that benefits everyone in the company


Easyap has an online platform for the processing of  employee expenses, with a circuit adaptable to each need, and covering the cycle from trip request to its recording in the accounts and paying, including the cycles of auditing and approval.

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