Challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation of the financial department

In our everyday lives we use services that we take for normal, but they are the result of the digital transformation of the companies that provide them.

Is digitalization the solution to the AP problem?

Is digitalization the solution to the AP problem?

Among all the initiatives that are taken to improve the  procedures of the provider invoice process, there is one that stands out: invoice digitalization.

PDF invoice by email

Treatment of Invoices received by Email

In easyap we are that month after month an unstoppable growth in the number of invoices received via email, the majority of them being PDF documents.  This has been provoked by a change in the law, hitch took effect on the 1st of January 2013, governing the obligations of invoices. To give a boost to electronic invoicing it equates paper invoices and electronic invoices, including PDF, which have validity as long as they comply with certain requisites.

online invoice processing easyei

The Importance of an online invoice processing tool for SMEs

In Europe, a great part of the business sector is made up of small and medium companies.  However, the great majority of small companies do not count on an adequate tool for invoice processing, neither for receiving or issuing invoices.

In many cases they think, wrongly, that a small company doesn’t need to or can’t invest in these types of solutions, but we are going to look at some reasons why it is precisely the companies with between 5 and 10 employees who are the ones who most need to rethink this area of internal control.

New steps towards the standarization of Electronic Invoices

We have already spoken in the blog about the steps that are being taken, at a European level, to normalize and standardize the use of the  electronic invoice in the public sector.  After the directive in January, another was announced in April, giving form to the European rule with which all EU governments will have to comply with regards all invoices received in the context of public contracts.

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A unique European Electronic Invoice

Last January 2014 a directive was approved which had as its objective the unification of all the electronic invoicing of member state's public contacts.  According to this a standard for electronic invoicing will be established with which it is predicted the European public administrations will save 2.3 billion euro. 

Treating exceptions and implementation of metrics

Treating exceptions and implementation of metrics

As the AP departments have been introducing automated solutions in invoice receipt and their automatic processing, the differencial in time dedicated to a correct invoice and one which presents incidents is greater and greater.  One of the most intensive tasks for personnel in the accounts payable department is the resolution of incidents (incorrect invoices).

Easyei, electronic invoicing solution

Easyei, electronic invoicing solution

We are seeing how the digital and online environment is imposing itself at all levels in the business world.  The AP (Accounts Payable) area is one of those which benefits most from this transformation. Do you know why?  The following video speaks about Jeff, and how his work has changed since starting to use an electronic invoicing tool:


Electronic processing of 100% of Invoices in ten weeks

Implementing an electronic invoicing project is not difficult, but to achieve a grade of implementation superior to 90% requires a different approach.

An incorrect focus will take us from a dream to a nightmare, ending up in discouragement for the force dedicated.  Long implementation periods, expensive developments and low grade of acceptation among clients and providers are habitual currency in these types of projects.

The Indicators of Electronic Invoicing

The Indicators of Electronic Invoicing

In whatever sphere, but especially in the business world, it is important to base the decisions on trustworthy and effective parameters.  In this article we are going to look at some of the main values which form the indicators that can contribute to the description of the evolution of the electronic invoice.

Only 3 years ago in the IAPP 2010 report, we can see that 99.7% of the invoices were paper. The cost of archiving an invoice according to a Gartner study in 2002 was $20, while a badly archived invoice was $120.


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