outsourcing accounts payable

Outsourcing Accounts Payable during times of crisis

Considering the Accounts Payable process is an example of an obvious candidate for outsourcing, why don't we all do it? 


Promotion of Electronic Invoicing (E-invoicing) by European governments

With regards to electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) , Spain has been a front runner in its promotion.


TicketBAI - TicketSI

TicketBAI is a joint project between the Regional Treasuries of Bizkaia, Araba, Gipuzkoa and Navarra
and the Basque Government. The project aims to simplify compliance with taxpayer obligations,
fight against tax fraud, protect the consumer and to keep an exhaustive control of economic
Bear in mind it is clear this procedure will end up being implemented throughout Spain in
the short term.


SILICIE - Immediate Disclosure of Excise Duties Account Books

A new system called SILICIE (Immediate Disclosure of Excise Duties Account Books) has been defined by Royal Decree 1512/2018 of December 28, which will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

document workflow

How can Corporate Document Workflow help me?

In the business world's unstoppable current of digital transformation, the latest trend among organizations is to seek the maximum efficiency and productivity possible in all types of activities, and document workflows are a fundamental tool in achieving this.

Traditionally, digitization was understood as the transformation of paper documents into images by scanning, but in the current concept it is now taken to mean that from the start: there is no paper, there is no scanning, it is a flow of electronic documents without paper.

Accounts payable process

Optimize Accounts Payable regardless of the ERP life cycle

Digital Transformation should no longer be an option for 21st century companies, it should be a reality. However, the transformation is not only achieved with just the best technology, but it also requires a change that promotes a new way of doing things.

Those processes that are not aligned with the core business objective of the Company and tasks that do not add value should be delegated to specialized third parties.


Challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation of the financial department in companies

In our everyday lives we use services that we take for normal, but they are the result of the digital transformation of the companies that provide them.

SII what is next

I am already reporting VAT via SII ... now what?

Now that we have implemented the Immediate Information Supply (SII) process, we have seen that many shortcomings have arisen in the process of both AP and AR.

accounts receivable and accounts payable outsourcing

Improve operational efficiency through Accounts receivable and Accounts payable Outsourcing

Today, companies manage a complex global ecosystem of suppliers, partners, operators, customers, ... and at the same time process a large number of administrative and regulatory documents. This reality requires agility and efficiency in the management of documentation and invoices, in order to optimize operational efficiency and to avoid a high consumption of resources. However, it is surprising that today, despite the enormous advances in automation and technology, almost 75% of the documentation is processed manually. This situation is obviously very labor intensive and undoubtedly affects the results of the companies. Accounts receivable and Accounts payable outsourcing is the solution for this.


"My ERP solves the problem of Immediate Information Supply"

The entry into force of the Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII) next July 1st is provoking differing reactions in the Spanish business community affected by the new regulations. While there are companies that have already taken action and are already testing the transmission of records with the AEAT, there are others who have taken a more relaxed attitude because they trust the solution their ERP provider will put in place.


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